About me

who am i

My name is Tiago Barbosa. I am an Engineer working currently for the Microsoft Azure Product Group as part of the FastTrack for Azure team. My job is to help customers worldwide move to Azure faster and with more confidence.

I work from the beautiful and sunny city of Lisbon, Portugal where I leave with my wife and daughter.

When I am not working I am probably spending some time with my family and friends or surfing in one of the many beautiful beaches we have in Portugal.

my history

I have a Computer Science degree and a master degree in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

I have joined Microsoft back in 2010 and I have spent these years in many different teams working with customers and partners from multiple industries.

Developer by passion but I have a lot of experience with Infrastructure as well.

If you want to know more just go to my LinkedIn page.


Everything I do, I try to do it in scale. Growing the technical community in Portugal is part of my mission and that is why myself and to friends host the Azure Wednesdays Portugal meetup.

If you are interested come participate one of these days.